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Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll trailer online

AndySerkis.jpgIan Dury is back as Andy Serkis brings the character to life in a biographical film about the British punk singer who you're sure to remember for the iconic hit, “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”.

Dury suffered from Polio from a very young age and managed to build himself up to be one of the founders of the punk era in Britain during the 1970's, despite his fight with his own body and his own mind.

The trailer for Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, or perhaps Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll looks damn good, and while I'm not one to scream about how much Andy Serkis reminds me of Ian Dury when he walks on stage, unlike recent media reports, I do think that this looks a great biographical film and could well be one of Serkis' best performances to date.

I just wonder how well this film will do and what the appeal will be with younger and foreign audiences. That's not to say it shouldn't have been made, far from it, I think this is going to be a great film with the British audience that connect with the time and the character, and is a great example of some of the better British films that we're producing just now.

The film also stars Naomie Harris, Olivia Williams, Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, Noel Clarke and some other strong British talent. Here's the trailer.



This looks really good. Andy Serkis always gives a strong performance and it's nice to see him making these films lately that are home grown.


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