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Sex and the City 2 plot revealed?

SexandtheCity.jpgYou know what? If I'm being honest I don't think this is the plot reveal for the new Sex and the City film, but it could be, just as much as any of the other rumours about all the others which I won't mention in the opening paragraph of the story.

I will mention though that if any of these are right then the story here contains big spoilers for Sex and the City 2, and those who want to be surprised by the film should stop reading. That and hope that they really can deliver any more surprises in a story that has more or less been finished.

I mean the whole series has really centred around Carrie Bradshaw finding love, and we all know it was always supposed to be Mr Big, so now that she has him what would a second film really need to deliver?

Well talk so far has been about a pregnancy for Carrie and Mr Big, and that would bring something new. Well, that rumour has been superseded by another rumour, and that is that Carrie will have a fling with an ex-boyfriend, one Aidan Shaw.

Well the celebrity site Gossip Cop through Cinema Blend say that she has an "indiscretion" with him and that leads to a "BIG move on the part of Mr Big". That must surely translate to Big moving out and possibly away, after all we've heard another old rumour of problems with Big's job, the current financial climate, and a move to another city.

In fact we've heard just about everything related to what could happen.

I think I probably most believe the pregnancy one more than anything, although the reappearance of an old flame to try and entice her away while Big is busy with work could really add some spice. Perhaps it combines them all and she ends up being pregnant by Big and heading out of the city with him at the end of the film?

Oh, who knows. I saw Omid Djalili on television at the weekend and he plays the part of Mr. Safir in Sex and the City 2, and that was all he could tell us for fear of rather large recrimination under the NDA he signed for the film. He was completely adamant, he couldn't say a single thing about it, not even the whiff of a hint.

I wonder if this is just the usual rumour mongering, and perhaps one of them might fall on the idea that is in the final film, but none of them really know for sure at this moment.

Of course the thing I've been saying since day one is why? We saw them get together at the end of the series, the film pushed them apart then back together to get married, and aren't we just going to see the same again? Just leaping back into the series a bit and playing out the latter half of the series again.



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