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Six minutes of [REC] 2 online, [REC] 3 announced

Rec2.jpgThe first six minutes of [REC] 2, obviously the sequel to [REC], have appeared online and they make the film look quite interesting, well the opening premise anyway. The problem that the film faces is to deliver something different to the first.

Meanwhile the makers of the film have announced that they're working on [REC] 3 already and that both Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza are going to be directing the third film in the franchise, but will it end there?

These first six minutesof [REC] 2 include the team driving towards the building that we saw in the first film and preparing for an armed entry. Once they get there they receive a very quick briefing from some officials on site and then they are straight in. However almost immediately suspicions are raised when the medical official who has entered the building with them reveals that what he just told them about the infection when they were outside the building was a lie. An uneasy sign.

Here's the six minutes through the cool guys at HorrorMovies.ca.

Now over at Dread Central through JoBlo there's news of a recent screening of [REC] 2 where Jaume Balagueró said that both the film-makers will return for the third film and that they will be directing, this is certain. Balagueró is busy with another film at the moment, but once that is complete they will return to the [REC] franchise, or is it just going to be a trilogy?

He says that they have “several ideas” of where to take the next film, and that tells me there could be mileage beyond the third even. However the concerning thing I find is that he says most of the ideas involve the story leaving the building. Now I don't know what you feel about this, but for me most of the power of the [REC] series is the fact that it's confined in this building and that outside there is safety and control.



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