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Stalked: Confucius teaser and red band Youth in Revolt online

Confucius.jpgThere's a new teaser trailer online for Confucius, a very short teaser trailer, but one none the less, and it replicates the epic feel of the first one while still keep the focus very much on the characters. Oh, and it's in Chinese still. No great issue since it looks so good and stars Chow Yun-Fat in the lead.

Then there's a red band trailer for Youth in Revolt online. Neither of these really merit their own story since there's not that much new in the trailers, but it's worth highlighting them both.

Here's the new teaser, through Twitch, for the film that has Chow Yun-Fat leading the way as Confucius. You can see the previous trailer on an earlier story.

Then, on an opposite end of the spectrum, is a red band trailer for Youth in Revolt starring Michael Cera which looks a well executed and thought through story, although the red band is little more than the addition of swearing and a drug taking scene. The original trailer was better.



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