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Stalked: Nine year wait for Kitano over, Swedish Hunter sequel, Landis on more horror, My Fair Lady latest director, Call of Duty director on film

Takeshi Kitano will write, direct and lead his latest gangster film some nine years since his last...

The Hunters gets a sequel with the excellent Peter Stormare...

John Landis lines up another horror...

My Fair Lady gets another director!...

Call of Duty director gets to make his own script into a film...

Takeshi Kitano has revealed his latest gangster film, and when I say latest I mean in the last nine years. The title of the film, according to Variety, is Outrage and it will see a power struggle between Tokyo gangsters with Kitano writing, directing and leading the film. He will play a low ranking gang boss who is charged with the dirty work of his superiors. The cast also includes Tomokazu Miura, Kippei Shiina, Ryo Kase, Jun Kunimura, Tetta Sugimoto, Renji Ishibashi, Fumiyo Kohinata and Takashi Tsukamoto.

Peter Stormare and Rolf Lassgård are to star in the sequel to the successful 1996 Swedish film The Hunters (Jägarna) as the original director Kjell Sundvall takes up the head role once again. According to Variety the first film saw Lassgard play a Stockholm cop who returns to his home town in the north of Sweden to solve a crime. The sequel will see the same thing happening but with the excellent Stormare playing the head of police there.

John Landis looks set to be lining up another horror film. While he's working on Burke and Hare, the famous story of the Scottish grave robbers to be played by Americans and Englishmen and filmed far from Scotland, he's lined up a film called Some Guy Kills People. Although he's only producing but AITH tells us that Jack Perez, director of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Wild Things 2, is taking the lead with writer Ryan Levin delivering the script. Not sure if this is going to be a hit or a miss.

My Fair Lady may just be getting a new director in the form of John Madden (Mrs Brown, Shakespeare in Love) according to Variety through Atomic Popcorn, and that's not the one who creates all those video games of American Football. You'll remember that the film was set to go back to the original play, George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. There have been plenty of directors attached to the project, but none have stuck so far, neither has the reputed star, Keira Knightley, perhaps this time around?

The director of Call of Duty, Keith Arem, has been snapped up to direct a feature film, a film that Variety through Coming Soon describes as an action thriller called Frost Road, and taken from the very script that he himself wrote. The film will feature a young man who awakes after a car accident to find that he's one of the few survivors of a mysterious outbreak that has swept across a small coast town. Somehow he sees a way to save people and so he heads out trying to save as many as he can while the disease spreads across the planet – H1N1? “Wash your hands!”.



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