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Stalked: The Panopticon, Casting for Thor, Predators, Don Quixote and Super

Cornwell directing The Panopticon...

Russo on Thor...

Fishburne on Predators?...

Depp in Don Quixote?...

Bacon as super-villain...

Cornwell directing The Panopticon...
The director of The Haunting in Connecticut, Peter Cornwell, is set to direct a script by Craig Rosenberg who wrote The Uninvited and Lost, called The Panopticon. It's described by Variety as a science fiction mystery film where a salesman receives a pre-recorded message from himself that tells him the world is about to end and he's the only one that can save it.

Russo on Thor
Rene Russo has apparently joined the cast of Kenneth Branagh's Thor as the mother of Thor, Frigga, and husband to Anthony Hopkins' Odin. The story comes from .

Fishburne on Predators?
Laurence Fishburne is apparently the latest name to join the Predators cast of Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, Walt Goggins, Derek Mears and Topher Grace. He'll be playing a character called Noland, and he's going to have had some experience fighting Predators according to JoBlo – is this the character that the group come across who has been living on the Predators home world, surviving and hiding amongst them?

Depp in Don Quixote?
Although Johnny Depp won't be playing Don Quixote in Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, it sounds as though he'll still be starring in it according Paste through JoBlo:

”Terry Gilliam: ...Quixote is what we’re working on at the moment. Hopefully that’ll get up and running next year. Paste: Is it still going to have Johnny Depp in it? Terry Gilliam: Yeah, and I rewrote the script. Robert Duvall has agreed to play Quixote. I’m really excited. So it’s all that business of funding now.”

Bacon as super-villain
Kevin Bacon is going to play the villain in James Gunn's comedy Super, joining Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler in a film about a man, played by Rainn Wilson, whose wife, played by Liv Tyler, is stolen by a drug dealer, played by Kevin Bacon, and who decides to become a costumed hero in order to win her back and defeat the bad guy. The news comes from Screen Daily through SuperheroHype.



Is Thor going to star Kevin McKidd too?


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