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Stunning Inception trailer online

Inception.jpgAlthough it's not in English and is actually French (hey everyone it's the French trailer, just one of the many International trailers depending on where you are from, and there are people from outside the U.S. you know, just a small audience), the new Inception trailer looks stunning, and I really mean that. Some of the effects we get a hint of are just mind blowing.

Look at that folding up city, what's that all about? That's probably the moment I went “wow” out loud as I watched it, and that music, that deep bass sound is perfect over the top, filling you with dread and fear of something terrible about to happen.

Christopher Nolan looks set to deliver an amazing film even by this early, non-English language trailer look. I'm hooked.

Hey, why don't I just stop typing and let you get on with watching. Here you go, the French trailer for Inception:

Anyone wanting to translate and/or analyse? Personally I'm getting a very dark Matrix feeling to the film so far, and that could be a really good thing.



Didn't understand a word of it but it sure look great.


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