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Terminator franchise saved?

Terminator.jpgWell I think the Terminator franchise would have been saved whatever happened to the company currently owning the rights to the franchise, Halcyon. Should it have been sunk then the rights would have been sold to another company who would have taken it up, however the news looks good for Halcyon.

Last we heard the company was going down the tubes and the rights for the franchise were open to bidding. However there was something else, something that we weren't so interested in that slipped by us all. There was another option.

Now I don't mean a Terminator arrived from the future and started killing all the people asking for money, in fact the other option was that while the bidding process started, Halcyon were also considering “strategic options”, things that included people investing in the company and refinancing it. Now it seems that they have their second option.

From Deadline Hollywood Daily:

”When Halcyon announced the bidding process for the Terminator franchise last month, we indicated that in addition to an outright sale of the property, we would also consider other strategic options, including a recapitalization ofthe company. Over the past few weeks Halcyon and its professionals have engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with numerous serious potential buyers, including several major movie studios. In addition, a number of attractive refinancing alternatives have also been presented. In order to maximize the value of a transaction for all of the company’s creditors and stakeholders, we are fully analyzing all these options.”

The quote goes on and basically says that they will be looking at all the options, and won't be committing to anything until into next year, in fact they say that the answer will be public no later than the 1st of February. So we wait and see.

However this is all business stuff, and what we really want to hear about is what happens to that franchise. Is it going to continue to grow from where it left off? I certainly hope so, especially after seeing the Blu-ray release of Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review) which I enjoyed more than the film itself.

You know, for fans of the franchise, I don't think this is really bad news, it's another blip in the chequered history of the series. Another film will be made, it's just the question of who will do it, and if it will be on the good or bad side of the Terminator film scale.



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