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The Birds remake swaps director

TheBirds_Poster.jpgThe news of a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds has been a truly terrifying prospect, but it went ahead anyway. Naomi Watts reportedly on board from the early days, and then it got a director in the form of Martin Campbell. Seemingly a slightly odd choice, but also one with promise of an interesting remake.

However that's changed, as his work on The Green Lantern looks set to mess with the schedule of The Birds that the studio have decided to move on and get the film made in the same time frame rather than wait for him, and that means a new director.

From Martin Campbell, The Birds moves to Dennis Iliades, the director who just delivered the remake of The Last House on the Left. The attempted at remaking the hard edged horror to be as hard and as, well, edged, as the original, something that didn't really work too well.

Well it's not signed in stone according to Pajiba through First Showing, but it is most definitely happening. The article brings up an interesting point, which we've all been thinking about for a long time, but they bring to the fore the fact that the project has been through so many writers so far.

The Alfred Hitchcock script was superb anyway, but it's been through a complete rework by Scott Derickson, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Filmstalker review), then through a couple of different writers for polishing, including a rewrite specifically for Martin Campbell.

Now with the addition of Dennis Iliades we're about to see another writer taken on to create a version for him, as it seems he doesn't want the PG-13 version Campbell was looking at making and would rather have a full R-rated one.

What does that mean? Birds ripping eyeballs out of faces, lots of terror, peril, horror and perhaps nudity, everything the Hitchcock script didn't have. Yes, but you're all missing something, it didn't have those aspects for a very good reason.



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