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The Bounty Hunter trailer online...maybe

GerardButler.jpgThe trailer for the new Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston film The Bounty Hunter, or simply The Bounty, might just have arrived online, although the official source seems to be saying that it's no longer available for some reason, has it been pulled?

The film is simple, Butler plays a bounty hunter who has to go after his ex-wife who is on the run, and heaven forbid that they end up falling in love!

Directed by Andy Tennant who brought us Sweet Home Alabama, Hitch and Fool's Gold, you could well expect that the two characters will end up falling back in love again.

The Bounty is written by Sarah Thorp who also wrote the British film The Bounty Hunter just earlier in the year. That film starred British television actor Raza Jaffrey and Shivani Ghai. I'm not entirely sure if the film is therefore a remake of this one, but all the details point that way.

This is all rather strange, when I go to the Yahoo Trailers version of the trailer for The Bounty Hunter I get a message telling me that the video has now been removed, let's just hope that the TrailerAddict version is still available for viewing - unfortunately I can't watch it at work, but I can embed it.



You know what? Now that I've finally seen it, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

It sure does look fun.

Well, since Gerry is an ex, then I am definitely going to see this!

Ex? I don't think you'd let him go so easily! ;)

HAHAHA Ah Richard my friend you know me too well! I have to say I havent seen Law Abiding Citizen yet either!


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