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The Ghost trailer online

Domovoy.jpgWhen I saw The Ghost I immediately thought of the Roman Polanski film, but I was wrong, and actually I was pleasantly surprised.

The Ghost, or Domovoy, is a Russian film featuring the actor now made famous by the Watch series, Konstantin Khabenskiy, as a writer who meets up with a hitman and begins to chronicle his hits and life in a series of books.

This allows the writer to get over a block on his writing career and bring him a surprise series of hits. However he's being drawn into something he doesn't realise, and the hitman isn't just giving him information for nothing.

The trailer suggests a certain route for the character, and that the hitman is pulling him closer into his world, about to show him how to carry out a hit and actually plan and execute one himself, however the blurb on IMDB gives something else away, and I think it's that blurb that perhaps goes a little too far. I would suggest staying away from it.

The film is apparently about to be made available On-Demand on December the 30th, however I haven't really seen anything of the film and Russian cinema has been surprising us, and The Ghost is no exception.

Here's the trailer for Domovoy aka The Ghost.



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