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The Karate Kid remake trailer online

TheKarateKidRemake.jpgTrailers are coming thick and fast right now and here's the latest, this is the trailer for the remake of The Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, as well as the incredibly sexy Taraji P. Henson.

Now I have to admit I was thinking that this was going to be rubbish when I first heard about it, everything felt wrong about the remake, and I had made up my mind. You know what though? The trailer has an edginess and a good sense of itself as well as a nice dose of humour. This might just work.

The film will see a single mother having to move to China with her young son, there he starts getting bullied, and when a master of Karate sees him being beaten, he decides to take him under his wing and train him the art and the meaning behind it.

This new Karate Kid promises to keep elements of the original, and to be honest the trailer is doing a good job of showing that as well as showing something new, and it would seem something worthwhile.

See what you think for the new version trailer:

You can also see it over at Yahoo Trailers in high definition, because their flash version just keeps telling me it's been removed.

I like the ending, and Jackie Chan's attitude in the trailer is pretty good, plus Jaden Smith seems to play it well. Could I be surprised? To be honest I'm still sceptical with Michael Soccio writing it and Harald Zwart directing, that suggests typical mediocre American comedy all the way, but that's not what the trailer is saying.



But... they're in China... Doing Kung Fu? WTF?

In my opinion, they should've gone for a new title. It has nothing to do with karate anymore except its a martial art, which is kind of dumb. To me, it's borderline disrespectful in the way that it dismisses martial arts in general as "being" karate. Just like so many people dismiss asians as chinese (at least where I come from
. At least it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. One thing I wish is that they'd stop using that song for trailers all the time. It seems to be used on every movie trailer where the main character goes through training or fights hard (literally)to make it through life. Just like we hear that 28 Days Later song in too many thriller trailers. Or maybe I just focus on those particular ones but anyway.

Vashtheotaku, I'm with you, they should have changed the name, it's looking rather different already, why retain the name?

Well the significant reason is that they can gain the fans from the Karate Kid on opening weekend, to see what this film is all about.


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