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The Road new UK trailer

TheRoad.jpgThere's a new trailer online for the film The Road, the adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel featuring no punctuation. Oh sorry, I mean it's a masterpiece. Plus the film stars Viggo Mortensen, Robert Duvall, Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce.

Anyway, there's a new trailer online and I think this looks really good, perhaps the best yet.

The Guardian, who have the trailer, don't let you embed it, not even if you sign up – I just did and it didn't let me. So head over there to see the new trailer, and put up with the adverts, you'd think they were a film blog with all those! I'm sure we'll get it from TrailerAddict in a wee while.

Trailer wise, I think The Road looks the best and the most promising so far. I have to hold my hand up and say I wasn't enamoured with the book, I didn't take to it. I found it one of those books that you could appreciate what it was doing, but it never really captured me to pull me into the story, I just followed it.

Still, perhaps I'm not intelligent enough to “get it”...I'm sure I'll get the film though!



I'm really looking forward to seeing this.


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