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The Runaways teaser trailer online

TheRunaways.jpgThe Runaways has a teaser trailer online, and it's the first step for Kristen Stewart stepping away from her Twilight role and becoming known for something else, so it's fitting and clever that she's managed to bag playing the real life character of Joan Jett in the biographical film of the famous girl rock group.

It also marks a big role for Dakota Fanning too, playing Cherie Currie, another member of the teenage band that became a sensation.

The film comes from Floria Sigismond who wrote and directed the biographical film which, rather than concentrate on an individual member, looks at the band, something different to the musical biographical films we've been seeing lately.

Unfortunately I can't see the film because I live in the UK, a place where MTV and the studio don't want audience members from. They put the trailer on their site and then restrict access (I can watch their adverts) and when I go to the MTV UK pages, no film content. So I'm flying blind.

First Showing tell me that the trailer is a good one. Intense and gritty is a phrase they use, so why don't you have a look and tell me what it's like, if you can see it that is.

The blurb tells us:

In 1970s LA, a tough teenager named Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) connects with an eccentric producer to form the all-girl band The Runaways that would launch her career and eventually make rock history.

Indeed they do. Here's the trailer, if you can see it.



It looks at the whole band? LOL! Looks like the Joan and Cherie Show to me...they don't even portray any particular bass player and no one seems to be making a point out of who is portraying Lita Ford...

Firstly, quick correction and apologies to MTV, the trailer is available to view in the UK - perhaps earlier today the advert played then for some reason the trailer just didn't. Strange why it would do that considering they are together, not matter though.

Well the film is supposed to be about the band and their break-up, teaser trailers can't tell everything that the film does, and you might be right, the film might not do as promised and not really feature the rest of the band.

We can only go on what we're told and what we see, same as you.


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