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The Six Wives of Henry Lefay trailer actually looks interesting

SixWivesofHenryLefay.jpgThe idea of Tim Allen leading a comedy makes me think of Tool-time or of plenty of CG, not of the way The Six Wives of Henry Lefay looks in this trailer for the film.

Allen plays a sex obsessed man who has multiple partners and adores sex, so much so that he's married right left and centre, cheating on someone on the same day they're getting married and all sorts. His daughter, played by Eliza Cuthbert, despairs, and when he dies she has to deal with his six wives reuniting at his funeral.

The six wives are played by Jenna Elfman, Andie MacDowell, Paz Vega, Kelli Garner, S. Epatha Merkerson, and one more, perhaps Jenna Dewan.

Tim Allen looks rather good in the film, but then it's not about him, it's really about the ladies, and Elisha Cuthbert has a role that looks like she could sink her teeth into a little bit, while the film could either be total silly farce, or maybe be more satirical and offer some insightful moments. Right now I'm not sure.

Howard Michael Gould wrote and directed the film and he's done some writing on Shrek the Third and written the screenplay for Mr 3000 as well as some Home Improvement.

Here's the trailer:

Do you think this is going to be worthwhile? Which way will it go?



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