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The Warlords (Tau ming chong) trailer online

TheWarlords.jpgJet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro star in the new Chinese film called Tau ming chong or The Warlords, and the trailer looks like it could be really exciting and action packed, and not a martial arts typical film for Jet Li, but something with a lot more depth to it.

The blurb is epic in itself, and condensing it is a feat in itself. However I have, and it goes something like this.

Set in China during the Qing Dynasty in the mid-19th Century, General Pang is fighting for the Qing Dynasty, but he knows it is corrupt and the immense damage it is doing to China, a decade long civil war and the people dying from battle or starvation through it all.

He wishes that he was on the other side, fighting against them, and when he is betrayed in battle he is left for dead and wandering alone. He meets two brothers who are bandits, and together they form strong bonds and decide to fight against the corrupt regime, and finally he realises his true destiny,

There, you can read through the much more comprehensive story of The Warlords on the official site, along with plenty of other information on the film.

The trailer looks very powerful and epic, but it's holding back from the typical feel of a Far Eastern epic film be it war or martial arts, and looks rather gritty and realistic as well. Have a look and see what you think, the cast line-up alone is worth watching.



i got it on dvd for my birthday last month. It's pretty good

Wow, it's been out that long?

The first time i saw it was out was an advertisment for it in total film or empire.

It looked like my sort of film so asked for it for my birthday.


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