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Toy Story 3 footage online

ToyStory.jpgThere's some new footage online for Toy Story 3, and while it might look like you've seen it from the first few shots, stick with it as it reveals more of the scene that we've only seen sneak peaks of so far.

It begins by showing Andy being told by his Mum that now he's going to college he has to throw out his old toys, and that leads him to a difficult decision.

One of the plot points of Toy Story 3, apart from the 3D plot which needs the story engineered to throw things at you all the time, looks like it could be about how it's up to one of the Toys to save the rest of them from day care hell as we see Andy waiting a beat trying to decide which one to take to college with him while the rest are thrown in a plastic bag.

Mind you, they too have a shot at being saved, if it wasn't for a pesky twist of fate.

Here's the clip.

I'll be seeing this in 2D by the way, unless it's the Avatar (Filmstalker review) immersive 3D that doesn't have objects flying at the screen at every moment, I'm just not interested.



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