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Trejo talks Machete and Rodriguez talks Sin City 2

Machete.jpgRobert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo has been talking about Machete and Sin City 2, two films that are hotly anticipated from the director and have been talked about for a very long time, at least Machete will be happening before Sin City 2, that's something.

There's not really much to say, although Trejo is very quick to say that Machete is looking much more intelligent than the blurb suggests and also that there may well be three.

Well he's said that before, and there is a feeling that he's pitching for three Machete films, so let's just see how the first one goes shall we?

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting Danny Trejo said:

"I think its gonna be one of his best...I think everybodys gonna walk away from that movie with some opinion. It's a battle for our border, you know? People are really serious about whats going on with the border, and it shows the negative side of both sides. Not just, you know, we want everybody to cross, or we dont want anybody to cross. It shows the negative side of both sides. Everybodys gonna be pissed off."

Well as interesting as that sounds it seems quite far from what the fake trailer has suggested so far, and maybe that's just the fact that it was showing during the Grindhouse feature and in that style, maybe there will be a lot more to it than the trailer suggests. Still, the idea does look quite one track.

Even for a one track Trejo says that he and Robert Rodriguez have been talking about more than one film.

"We want Machete, Machete Kills, and Machete Kills Again"

Rodriguez did have something similar to say:

"We always talked about making him a franchise character...they're fun titles…I do like Machete in Space though."

Well Rodriguez talks about a lot of films that never get made, again, let's wait and see how the first one goes.

Meanwhile Rodriguez was asked the always repeated question by Bloody Disgusting, what about Sin City 2?

"I know Frank [Miller] wants to do it I know I wanna do it and its always sort of time permitting kind of thing but its not like I can tell you definitely were startingits not my next picture I know that. Doesn't mean that its not the picture right after because thats still a possibility."

He did say that the script for the film is still the one that Frank Miller wrote back in 2007, that's not changed, although inevitably it will see some polishing and rewriting, but that's the story that we're going to see coming to the big screen.

Back then the rumours were that the script was about Dwight McCarthy, played by Clive Owen, trying to get his vengeance against Ava Lord, who betrayed him, and Nancy Callahan, played by Jessica Alba, is dealing with the death of Hartigan, played by Bruce Willis.

I struggle to see this getting made, and I think there's more chance of us seeing a Machete sequel before Sin City 2.



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