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War Birds promotional teaser

P51Mustang.jpgI've just seen this promotional teaser for a film called War Birds that was talked about online a few days ago, it's a film about an illegal sub-culture of people who get together for real life aerial combat using older propeller and early jet planes, the kind of planes you could really dogfight in.

The story sounds one way but the trailer looks another. I'm not sure which is really telling us the way that War Birds will go, but it's certainly going to have some amazing planes in the film, if it does get made.

You see this footage for War Birds was merely test footage, and that probably explains the continual shots of World War II soldiers fighting away beneath them. However it's the dogfighting that looks interesting, and while it's not overwhelming, I love seeing the old planes.

According to the story that came out the other day, the film will be about groups who like to dogfight for real with these old planes and follows an Air Force veteran who now re-enacts battles at airshows who discovers this illegal world and starts entering real life dogfights where the loser really can crash and burn.

The Hollywood Reporter through First Showing has the story that the first time feature director Michael Chait is set to direct from the script by Josh Staman and Bryan Binder which J. Todd Harris, who wrote Bottle Shock, and Richard Jefferies, who wrote Tron Legacy, are giving a final polish to.

Some of the best news from this story is that CG will be at an all time low and the film will use real life P-51 Mustangs, P-38 Lightnings, F4U Corsairs and a B-17 Flying Fortress as well as current military helicopters and jets throughout the film. Yes, the dogfights will be real, just without the actual bullets and missiles!

Here's the test footage to give you a taste.

While I'm a little confused by all the war ravaged soldier footage, the aerial combat part looks really good. Remember that this is test footage and the stunts and effects were done very cheaply, just as an idea to get the film pushed forward. Well, it's worked in my eyes.



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