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Wife vs. Ninja comedy

FemaleNinja.jpgWhile we're keen to talk about the lack of creativity in Hollywood, well I am anyway, there's also some great imaginative ideas out there, and Wife vs. Ninja sounds like one that has something rather unique in it, and when you read the blurb you'll most likely start getting interested. I know I am just to find out if this can really work.

The film is an action comedy from DreamWorks and was pitched from the mouth of Michael Besman, who has written About Schidt and The Opposite of Sex, and will be scripted by himself, Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen.

The story is about a housewife whose scientist husband leaves her for another woman, a beautiful young intern. However the wife discovers that the intern is actually a bloodthirsty ninja assassin who is trying to steal the work of the scientist through any means necessary.

That's the pitch through the Variety story, and I would imagine that as soon as the scientist gives up the secret the assassin will do what her job title suggests, and so the wife sets out trying to kill her.

How that's going to play out is anyone's guess, but it sounds a lot of fun doesn't it? We definitely have to support interesting ideas like this or else we're going to end up with more and more remakes and less and less imaginative pitches.



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