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Behind the scenes of Avatar, for 22 minutes

Avatar.jpgThere's a pretty long Avatar (Filmstalker review) behind the scenes video that's arrived online and it caused me to be late this morning as I sat and watched it, transfixed at some of the behind the scenes work that James Cameron and the actors were up to.

Some of the technology alone is amazing, and seeing that camera that allowed Cameron to see the actors performing live with the CGI elements of the film was one of the most interesting parts.

Avatar (Filmstalker review) is a spectacular film and I'm desperate to see what will be uncovered with the behind the scenes footage on the Blu-ray version, after all there's so much footage of the actors alone, never mind what's been filmed with the sets and with the training of the characters for the film - and there's another thing that surprised me, just how much real life preparation the actors did, going to Hawaii to feel what it's like to survive in a real rain forest.

You can see some of the behind the scenes in this excellent twenty-two minute long video below, it's well worth watching.



This is absolutely amazing.

The creative process just amazes me. Almost more so than the film itself.


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