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Bond 23 directed by Sam Mendes

SamMendes.jpgNow that seems like a strange choice indeed, but word is today that Sam Mendes is actually in discussions to direct the next Bond film. That would seem strange too since there has been talk of late about the film being delayed and studio problems, and yet they are seeking a director. The game is afoot.

Mendes would seem a strange choice. Or would he? Would the addition of a director of Mendes' quality add some depth and breadth to Bond that we have been just starting to see with the previous two films, even if Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) handled the story badly.

We have to remember that amongst Sam Mendes' films such as American Beauty, Revolutionary Road and Away We Go, we have Road to Perdition, Jarhead (Filmstalker review), and the upcoming Preacher, and these films are the ones that should pull something into Bond.

Imagine elements of Perdition and Jarhead pulled together with the excellent feel for characters and character actors that Mendes has, all wrapped up in a Bond film? This could be another different direction for Bond, and one that's not to entirely alien to the direction that he was taking with the break in Casino Royale (Filmstalker review). It would be about the characters and relationships, and still with style and action that Mendes can deliver.

I actually think he might be an interesting choice. The Hollywood Reporter states that he's currently in negotiations for the role and that the film is being fast tracked for as early as 2011.

Couple with the idea of Mendes the fact that the scriptwriters are Neal Purvis and Robert Wade once again, but this time with the added spice of Peter Morgan, an absolutely superb writer who has been delivering some powerful stories and characters.

Combining these talents has me wondering if this line-up would deliver the best Bond yet, genuinely. What do you think?



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