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Buried trailer online

Buried.jpgI think the real interest about the film Buried is where the hell it's going to go with the story, and this new teaser featuring Ryan Reynolds inside the coffin is suggesting that this could be one way for sure.

The film tells the story of a U.S. contractor working in Iraq who is caught up in the middle of an attack, knocked unconscious, and then awakes buried alive in a coffin, apparently with a cell phone and a torch.

So he records this demand that he's been left with, pay up, or I die, and I know there are only two options to the people receiving this, let him die or send in the special troops.

The teaser for Buried doesn't give us much but really sets the scene. I guess my question is how many times to we come above ground? Is it just for the initial attack or is the film going to focus on something more, something else?

The cast list seem to suggest it's going to be mainly focused on the man inside the coffin, played by Ryan Reynolds, but there's something that's just twigging at me. What if the mystery thriller is that there is no kidnapping?



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