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Burke and Hare loses Tennant

DavidTennant.jpgWhile everyone's excited about who the John Landis directed Burke and Hare is gaining, and I am too, but I'm also disappointed that it's losing David Tennant.

The news is that Simon Pegg was going to star alongside David Tennant as the aforementioned grave robbers William Burke and William Hare, but Pegg has revealed that Tennant is now off and that Andy Serkis is to replace him.

Now I'm really excited about Andy Serkis, he's a first rate actor, but then so is David Tennant (and yes, he's Scottish) but I was excited to see Tennant appearing in a feature after his role as Doctor Who, and to allow him to stretch out those Shakespearean acting chops on something other than stage. I really do think that's a huge loss.

However, according to Simon Pegg's Twitter account through CHUD and JoBlo, Andy Serkis is the man to replace him, great choice too. However the original tweet has disappeared from Pegg's account, he's probably deleted it after being told contracts weren't signed or whatever, and now the news is out there.

It's interesting news, and it's a nice swap of talent that makes me think the film is going to have a rougher, tougher edge to the characters, perhaps there was a feeling that Pegg and Tennant would look a little too clean and light for what the roles were expecting them to be, and that the addition of the rougher and tougher Serkis would add a bit more of an edge to the film.

I'm not so sure. I'm still annoyed that the Scottish producers behind the Scottish version of the film dropped it dead, and that was rumoured to have a strong cast joining. Shame, I'd have liked to have seen an authentic version of the story.



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