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Cameron researching Japanese atomic blasts

Hiroshima.jpgPerhaps James Cameron has a new project lined up already, and it could be another documentary, one about the atomic bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.

The recent death of the Japanese man Tsutomu Yamaguchi who survived the two nuclear bomb detonations, as he was within Hiroshima when the first bomb exploded and returned to Nagasaki when the second bomb exploded, revealed an interesting snippet that might mean his suffering, and that of hundreds of thousands of others, might be immortalised in film by the film-maker James Cameron.

It seems that James Cameron visited Tsutomu Yamaguchi in hospital last month as he was dying of cancer, and that with him came the author Charles Pellegrino who wrote a book about the survivors of the blasts, The Last Train from Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), which will be released in January.

Monsters and Critics as well as The New York Times have the story through AICN that they visited the man, and afterwards Yamaguchi said that:

"I think it's Cameron's and Pellegrino's destiny to make a film about nuclear weapons."

Seems a shame to be trying to get a quote from him in the closing stages of his life, but still that's what he said and the article tells us that James Cameron wanted to meet with him so that he could pass on his first hand knowledge of his experience to future generations.

Cameron also told him that the production would be uncompromising, but that it hadn't decided exactly what it was going to be, and that was yet to come.

You could read a lot into this, the author and film-maker might have been visiting at the same time so as not to stress Yamaguchi too much, trying to ensure that they pulled their questions together. Or there could be a genuine connection.

Cameron could be thinking of making an uncompromising documentary of the bomb blasts and the effects they had on the land and the people around them, or he could be looking to make a more dramatic film. My bet is on the documentary of the Japanese bombings, but imagine for a moment if he used all the technology he did on Avatar (Filmstalker review) in this film?

The audience would be immersed in the events of the day and you would feel pulled right into what was happening around you. The fire, the suffering, the destruction. It would be a hell of a way to hammer home the destructive toll that these weapons have.

While our sympathies go to Mr. Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who died aged ninety-two, and his family, as film fans I have to say that the idea of a powerful and uncompromising documentary made by James Cameron putting in plain view the reasons for never using these weapons is a strong one, and something that would serve all of humanity well.

That too is something that Yamaguchi himself would understand as he spent his life campaigning against nuclear weapons and was part of a documentary called Twice Bombed, Twice Survived: The Doubly Atomic Bombed of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Hideo Nakamura which looked at the near two hundred survivors of Hiroshima who went to Nagasaki before the second bomb dropped.



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