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Cassavetes remaking A Star is Born?

NickCassavetes.jpgApparently Nick Cassavetes is in talks to direct another remake of A Star is Born, the story that sees a famous older film star struggling with alcoholism and his own demons trying to hang on to his past career, helping a new singer and actress begin the heady climb and navigate the pitfalls of show business.

Back in September of last year we heard that the film was being remade and that the writer Will Fetters had been picked up to write another draft of the film after the writers of Ali and Notorious (Filmstalker review) had delivered drafts of the film. Now it seems that the script is nearing a place where they are set to move forward.

In today's show business society it's pretty clear that this film would work well, the idea of an older star who's been through it all trying to stop the younger one from making the same mistakes, such as drugs, drink, money, fame, burnt out career, they are all aspects of Hollywood that are there today, and reported on much more. Make a single move in private that could be exploited, and it's all over the press and you can be destroyed.

I think that sort of pressure and storyline would work well in a modern A Star is Born, for there's much more pressure on famous people these days to be different from us, to be angelic and perfect, and yet that pressure brings more opportunity and desire to be anything but, something which the audience want to see happen but then can't accept when it does.

There are a number of versions of the film already out there, the original 1937 the original with Janet Gaynor in the lead, the first remake in 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason, and then the second remake in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson moving the story across into the music industry.

The story from Deadline Hollywood Daily also reminds us that there's a younger version of the film from 1932 called What Price Hollywood, something I didn't realise myself.

Apparently it was the Will Fetters version of the script that caught Nick Cassavetes eye for directing the story, and there are still the same names being rumoured for the roles in the film, plus some more.

Beyoncé Knowles is still being mentioned with Alicia Keyes and Rihanna as other names being dropped to be paired with Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr. or Jon Hamm.

As usual, it's really early to tell, and it all depends when the director comes on board and what the studio push towards him as already made decisions. For me, these stars aren't going to cut it as up and coming, they're all huge already, I'd be looking for a real newcomer, a real fresh face, can Leona Lewis act? Then you have to get a star who really has been through it all, that's where Downey Jr. might just fit in well.



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