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Chris Rock remaking another last year foreign comedy

ChrisRock.jpgHot off the heels of remaking the British comedy film from last year, Death at a Funeral, Chris Rock is leaping forward with another comedy from the year before, but this time he's heading to France.

He's planning to remake La première étoile, aka The First Star, and he plans to adapt the screenplay and produce the film.

The comedy sees a black family leave their working class predominantly black neighbourhood and head to a stuffy, upper class, mainly white, ski slope. Comedy and social messages ensue.

Lucien Jean-Baptiste directed and starred in La première étoile which did really well in France and, according to Variety, became the tenth biggest film of 2009 in terms of box office returns.

I don't understand remakes at the best of times, and to me this one sounds even dumber. I mean the subtlety looks to be out the window as even the blurb says it all and smacks you in the face like a brick.

Maybe that's what they're after though. It's certainly setting a trend for Chris Rock, adapting foreign films after a very short period, and relocating them in America.



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