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Clash of the Titans in 3D?

ClashoftheTitans.jpgApparently the decision is being made in the next few weeks as to whether or not the new Clash of the Titans will be released in 3D or not, following the success of Avatar (Filmstalker review) the studio are keen to release everything they can this way.

However they're forgetting something. Clash of the Titan's is being converted to 3D whereas Avatar was conceived and filmed in 3D, something that I think puts a totally different slant on the writer, editor and director.

What we saw in Avatar was that 3D had been used during the building of every scene, it integral to the filming process and worked it's way from the concept upwards. With Clash of the Titans they are converting the completed film into 3D to see what it looks like.

It's a process that I don't necessarily agree with unless it adds something to the film, and the 3D feeding frenzy is sparking this mad desire to see everything in 3D. It's slightly reminiscent of when it was suddenly discovered that we could put colour over films and make them look modern and even better, or so that's what was believed.

I'm not a fan of 3D, but Avatar really turned me around on that, and it was the fact that things weren't engineered to fly at the screen, and that the film was conceived as 3D from the beginning. One of the early things that James Cameron said about Avatar was that they were using 3D as they would any other aspect of film-making, like lighting. As a result the 3D was in the very framework of the film, in the smallest of details, and the rest of the film did what it did best.

With a converted film though, it's a film made without thought for 3D, and that cheapens the idea of the 3D film itself, doesn't it? At least there won't be numerous scenes of things flying at the camera, won't there?

The story from the Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision tells us that Warner Bros. is converting the film for a 3D test in the next two weeks, and if it works we'll see it released in 3D.

Me? I'll be going to see it in 2D.



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