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Conan cast and father rumoured

JasonMomoa.jpgIt would seem that the actor to play Conan has been chosen for the new film, and I have to say that he needs some beefing up before filming begins if he's to play the huge warrior. Of course this version may not see him as a huge warrior.

There's a new rumour to go alongside the news of Conan too, his father and who could be set to play him, and that's a corker of a rumour if it turns out to be true, one I just can't hold off from talking about.

One thing's for sure, if the father rumour is true and he accepts then his Dad's going to be much bigger than the lead character - hit that gym!

The winner of the contest for the role of Conan is Jason Momoa from Stargate: Atlantis so Variety confirms. You'll remember that Marcus Nispel is directing this new version that's been talked about for a hell of a long time now.

However it's the additional rumour from Latino Review that has me interested, they suggest that there's an offer out for the father of Conan to Mickey Rourke. I think that's a superb idea, just imagine Rourke from The Wrestler but with a sword being swung about, if the character is still able to swing a sword.

It would be great casting, but from the looks of it Momoa would have to do some beefing up for the role, unless that is they are going for a more streamlined, athletic Conan.

What do you think Conan fans? Right choice, wrong choice? Is this the guy to replace Arnie's role?



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