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Cornwell's Scarpetta begins film franchise

PatriciaCornwell-PostMortem.jpgIt looks like Kay Scarpetta is set to get her own film franchise, if all goes well with the adaptation of a novel featuring the character we may well see her returning time and time again, after all there are a number of very successful novels from the writer Patricia Cornwell (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) featuring the character.

It's not just the fact that Cornwell has a hugely successful series of novels behind her to adapt, but as we heard back in April, Angelina Jolie is working behind the scenes to push this forward and will star as medical examiner Kay Scarpetta.

We heard before in the story that there has been some serious work to try and bring the characters to the big screen, but Cornwell has been very protective of her and her work, and it wasn't until Angelina Jolie and her manager visited her to discuss the way they would handle the character and franchise, and they did.

Now we're hearing from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon that Kerry Williamson is the one to adapt the story into a film for Jolie, and if all goes well then we'd potentially be looking at seventeen films. However this first film is going to avoid that, despite the fact that there are so many rich stories in those novels to adapt, the idea that we're going to see this new film take the idea of the character and the novels and create a plot just for the film.

I still find that strange. With so many stories out there for the character and the author agreeing to the adaptation, why are they deciding to create a brand new story? Is it perhaps that was part of the deal?

Any Cornwell/Scarpetta fans out there a bit concerned about this?



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