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Cyrus trailer online

JohnCReilly.jpgI'm not a huge fan of the American comedy that rattles out drug, sex and bodily function humour jokes all the time, and that's why I'm not such a great fan of some of the stars in Cyrus, and when I saw John C. Reilly I thought I was in for some of the usual. Except the trailer surprised me, suddenly I thought we were in for some acting, some really strong stuff, and it was looking good. After all the beautiful and talented Marisa Tomei and Catherine Keener were there too.

Then Jonah Hill stepped in and I could feel myself being let down. However the way he performed and the interactions between the two male leads have made me think that there's something in this film for me still.

I think it's because both John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill are playing it pretty straight, there aren't any "gags" for us, and the humour is dark humour coming out of the situations. Despite the fact that Catherine Keener is just smiling through the trailer I'm hoping we get plenty more from her too, and there's the gorgeous and incredibly beautiful Marisa Tomei.

Could this be much more than what's come before for these two comedy actors? Could Cyrus be more than the standard American comedy? I'm thinking it is.

The story follows John, played by Reilly, who's newly divorced and is struggling to get anywhere with any woman. At a party one night, where he bares his sole to all, he meets Molly, played by Tomei, who really likes his honesty. They connect, fall for each other, and are soon in a relationship, where John is feeling something amazing for her.

However there's a twist. She has a grown up son who is still living with her, and behaves like a younger kid, all too close to his mother and in a slightly unhealthy relationship. While he's open and accepting to John in front of her, in private he's a scary man, threatening him if he doesn't leave them.

So that I like, but it's where it's going to go next that might be the bit where it falls down. We're going to be treated to scenes of escalation between the two where the son always comes out on top and it looks like it's John that's the trouble instigator. He'll never win whatever he tries, and eventually it'll cost him the relationship.

However there'll be something that happens that forms some sort of acceptance between the two and it'll all end up okay in the end. Don't you think?

If that happens, is this the first film I can start shouting back at all those people who screamed that Avatar (Filmstalker review) had a script we've seen time and time again? Those people that have conveniently forgotten everything else that comes out of Hollywood?

Anyway, that's not the issue. Let's get back to Cyrus and have a look at the trailer from the
Jay and Mark Duplass film which, from the trailer, does look like it could offer something different, if it sticks to its guns. I'm not so sure though, it ends setting up a worn path.

You can also see it in high definition over at Yahoo Trailers.



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