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Directors Guild of America announce 62nd winner

KathrynBigelow.jpgIf you haven't guessed already from the picture, the winner is none other than Kathryn Bigelow for her work on the excellent The Hurt Locker (Filmstalker review), and well deserved too.

The interesting statistics that accompany that show just what her chances are of picking up the Academy Award for Best Director too, and it's high.

Kathryn Bigelow was up against a number of deserving directors, but from the nominations I wrote about, it was clear that there were only two real contenders, Bigelow for a href="http://www.filmstalker.co.uk/archives/2009/06/the_hurt_locker.html" title="Filmstalker reviews The Hurt Locker">The Hurt Locker (Filmstalker review) and James Cameron for Avatar (Filmstalker review).

Now while I thought that Cameron had done the biggest and most impressive all over directors role, I mean taking a film over that length of period, creating the technology to go with it, and making such an amazing end product which did so well, you would be forgiven for thinking he was going to win.

However Bigelow filmed in some tough locations for a film production, and took some real risks, but what she delivered was a superb film that took you to the mindset of some of the soldiers fighting for their country in foreign wars. She managed to convey the feeling of being there, of being in some terrifying and tense situations, and put all that on the audience.

I couldn't really call it myself, but I thought that Cameron might have edged it for the sheer mountain that film climbed, however it's not a great surprise to see that Bigelow has earned it, and she most definitely has.

Now the interesting fact about the DGA award is that since it was created the corresponding Academy Award for Best Director has only gone to someone else six times. You're now going to ask how many awards there have been from the DGA now, and I'll tell you, sixty-two. That's just over ninety percent of DGA winners have gone on to win the Academy Award.

All bets are on Kathryn Bigelow then.



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