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Dream Amityville House gains Craig, Watts

NaomiWatts.jpgI'm rather surprised that Dream House, which sounds incredibly like The Amityville Horror, has grabbed such a big cast, because it really does sound exactly like the old story.

However this one boasts a big cast now that Naomi Watts has joined Daniel Craig on the Jim Sheridan directed film.

I just checked out the writer, and as an interesting aside, David Loucka is also the man who wrote The Dream Team, a film I remember seeing with my friend Derek in a totally empty cinema.

The blurb of Dream House reads like this:

Soon after moving into their seemingly idyllic new home, a family learns of a brutal crime committed against former residents of the dwelling.

Not that much to go on either, pretty much as it says there, and what that sounds like, i.e. The Amityville Horror. Another one to shout back at those Avatar (Filmstalker review) naysayers, look loads of films copy other stories, where's the prolonged verbal attack on them? Okay, I promise I won't do this for every new film I talk about because otherwise I'd be doing it for 90% of the films coming out of Hollywood, and other film industries, I think my point is proven.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter gives us a little more about Dream House, over and above the fact that Naomi Watts has joined to play the neighbour of the family living in the dream house, of which Daniel Craig is the father. The father of the family, not the house.

...follows a family that relocates into what appears to be the ideal residence in small town Connecticut. However, a father (Craig) and his family are disturbed to discover that their beautiful new home was the site of another family's slaughter, believed to be at the hands of the husband who survived. Watts plays the family's neighbor.

Now that sounds even more like The Amityville Horror doesn't it?



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