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First seven minutes of Moon online

Moon.jpgDuncan Jones' Moon (Filmstalker review) is spectacular stuff, and if you haven't seen it I urge you, nay command you, to go and see it. It's superb. In fact you don't have to go and see it you can rent it out, and if you aren't convinced then watch the seven opening minutes of the film right here and then decide.

The film stars Sam Rockwell who is coming close to the end of his three year shift running a computerised mining system on the Moon when he has an accident that turns his entire world upside down.

It's a superb film, really, and I love the feeling that it evokes, especially with that wonderful score which you hear sliding in during the opening moments. Then there's the superb style and effects throughout, really this is one of these times when the introduction to a film really does do a good job of bringing you to a film.

So often these introductions show something that doesn't turn out to have the same feel as the film, misrepresents it, or just tries anything to get you to come and see the film. Here, with Moon, it's something very different. This gives you a genuine taste for the feel and style of the film, and should be enough to hook you in.

See it, or if you prefer, read my spoiler free review first.



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