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Ford on Refn and Schrader film?

HarrisonFord.jpgApparently Harrison Ford may well be starring in the upcoming Nicolas Winding Refn directed film The Dying of the Light, written by the superb scriptwriter, Paul Schrader.

The story of the film reminds me of a foreign film I saw a while ago that I can't really remember everything about, and a Clive Owen television series.

Back in August 2008 we heard about Paul Schrader's script for The Dying of the Light was about a CIA agent who is forced to retire as he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, however his final mission is being compromised by the effects of the disease.

Even back then I remember that it reminded me of a foreign film about a very similar plot, a policeman suffering from something similar. However Nicolas Winding Refn corrected that by saying it was about an agent who was starting to go blind during his last mission.

Now that sounds just like the television mini-series Second Sight that starred Clive Owen as a policeman who is losing his sight and investigating a murder case that he so desperately wants to solve.

Paul Schrader wrote the script, so that means it's going to be pretty hard edged and exciting, and then with Nicolas Winding Refn directing we're sure to see something rather unusual and as exciting visually as Schrader's script will no doubt be. It sounds like a great pairing.

According to the interview in Empire Magazine through Den of Geek and The Playlist, Harrison Ford said at the end of his interview:

”I'm developing a film right now with Nick Winding Refn. I'm hopefully going to start shooting in March.”

So Playlist then suggest this could well be the film he's referring to, and I think that's a really well educated guess. It would be a great role for him and it sounds a good match and would certainly be something strong considering his last bundle of roles.



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