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Four Brothers sequel

MarkWahlberg.jpgJohn Singleton's Four Brothers was a pretty enjoyable film, well I certainly enjoyed it, and it delivered some action, drama and some good tension. Now it seems that the studio are working on a sequel, surprise, surprise, however will the premise hold up?

The original story for Four Brothers saw four adopted men coming back together to the home of the foster woman who brought them up. She's been killed, and when they gather together they discover that she was actually murdered by some local crime gang.

Of course the four brothers aren't going to leave it alone, and they're not the kind to do that either having come from some bad places themselves. They pull together, remembering the honour and respect she taught them, and go after the boss of the gang.

The sequel to Four Brothers" title="Four Brothers on UK IMDB" target="_blank">Four Brothers is going to be called Five Brothers, and while the story is being kept under wraps it seems that Mark Wahlberg himself worked out the idea with the original writers David Elliot and Paul Lovett. They're working on writing the script for Five Brothers, and I think it's quite easy to guess where it's going.

Five Brothers will most likely see a fifth brother befalling a similar fate, perhaps the boss of the gang leader that was brought down seeks revenge by killing one of the family's own, the fifth brother, and so the previous four get back together and head out to find out what happened to him and take out the next on the ladder.

According to The Hollywood Reporter it would seem that much of the original team are back, Mark Wahlberg, the two writers, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura the producer, and obviously one of the other actors won't be returning.

I'd be up for a sequel, as long as they get a decent director and all the rest of the actors from the original that they can, don't short thrift it like so many sequels do.



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