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From The Hurt Locker to Held by the Taliban

KathrynBigelow.jpgKathryn Bigelow has set her eyes on another film based in the current war regions of the world, this time she's moving to Pakistan and her focus will be on the story of David Rhode, the New York Times journalist who was held by the Taliban in Pakistan for seven months and ten days before escaping, and returned to his paper to write a series of article about the kidnapping.

What's more interesting about the whole event is that other reporters ensured that there was a complete media blackout about the kidnapping so that the hostages never got publicity, something they so desperately want out of these events, and that in itself may have bought the reporter the time he needed to stay alive and ultimately escape.

The fact that Kathryn Bigelow has just come from directing one of the best Iraq war dramas we've seen to date, The Hurt Locker (Filmstalker review), suggests that this is indeed going to be given a high profile and a powerful film outing.

Production Weekly's Twitter through The Playlist report on the fact that Bigelow is going to be directing Held by the Taliban and that the film will be based on the series of articles, which you can read about at the New York Times itself.

It's rightly brought up that Bigelow was producing, and tipped to direct, Triple Frontier, a highly anticipated film about the zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil that is notorious for drugs cartels and organised crime, with the U.S. reporting that it's a place where terrorist groups operate with freedom, an area you can read more about on Wikipedia as La Triple Frontera.

Mark Boal, who write The Hurt Locker, was set to write Triple Frontier, and there's a strong chance he may also be writing Held by the Taliban considering his pedigree as a journalist and now a screenwriter.

It's great that Bigelow is returning to the front line, but in a very different way, it's a good change of direction for the director who really made something special with The Hurt Locker (Filmstalker review). Already this story is looking as though it could be equally as strong.



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