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Ghost Writer trailer online in English

TheGhostWriter.jpgA little while ago I posted the new trailer for Ghost Writer, unfortunately it was in German, but the intent and feel was there. Now though the trailer is available in English with a brand new score over the top.

Mind you, the score is a little overpowering for the film, and you end up concentrating more on that than the brooding and threatening stares from just about every character to the poor writer. I am hoping that this isn't an unsubtle brick of a thriller and that there's something a little more intelligent and less in your face than this.

Mind you everything is there to suggest otherwise, Roman Polanski is directing a thriller from Robert Harris's novel, adapted by the man himself.

The story for The Ghost Writer has Ewan McGregor as a ghost writer, set to write the memoirs of the ex-British Prime Minister played by Pierce Brosnan, however while investigating his life he uncovers something rather unsavoury, something he shouldn't, and something that puts his own life is in danger. Kim Cattrall, Olivia Williams, Eli Wallach, Timothy Hutton, Tom Wilkinson and James Belushi also star.

Twitch caught the trailer from Allocine, and you can see it below. It's well worth a look, but I do agree with Twitch, the score is a little much, it's almost like those big cue cards - "Gasp Now!".

However thinking about the rest of the film, looking at that cast, and knowing the director's work and the writer's stories, I can't help but see this as anything but a strong thriller.



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