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Gibson and Black back together

MelGibson.jpgThere are two great things about this story, the first is that Mel Gibson is going to be acting another thriller, and the second is that Shane Black is directing.

Now while people might start talking about this being the first pairing of the two since Lethal Weapon, the two can't really be compared, for Black wrote that film and did not direct, and here he'll be directing and not writing.

However for those of us who remember, Shane Black wrote Last Action Hero and The Long Kiss Goodnight, both great films, but he also write and directed the superb Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Filmstalker review). Now that's the big part for me.

Now directing Mel Gibson doing what he does best, thrillers, will be a superb win for the studio and the audience I would expect. As an actor Gibson just keeps getting better and better, and I'd say that for being a director too, and Black's directing and writing is great, together they could make a great partnership.

I'm still miffed that I missed the Edge of Darkness press screening this week after being given the wrong times, but I did walk in at a scene where Mel Gibson's character was in full anger mode, and wow, did he look imposing. I felt the power of that scene from the doorway, and I hadn't seen the rest of the film.

Personally I'm delighted that Gibson is back acting and that he's not taking up a Lethal Weapon 5, and that goes for Shane Black too. I want to see Black direct more of his own scripts and I want to see Gibson act as much as he's directing, but not to stop directing.

Anyway, let's get back to this film! Cold Warrior is the name of the film according to The Hollywood Reporter, and Charles Mondry wrote the script about a retired Cold War spy who comes out of retirement to fight a U.S. terrorism threat and in doing so teams up with a younger agent – what are the chances of the line “I'm too old for this ....” getting thrown in somewhere?



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