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Gibson's new film relocates prisoners

MelGibson.jpgThis story made me laugh, but apparently Mel Gibson is about to start filming in a prison in Mexico, and for that an entire wing is being emptied of prisoners who are being sent off to other prisons while filming takes place.

Relatives and inmates are up in arms, how dare the free people of the world relocate people who have committed crimes and are being punished for them? How dare they make their lives difficult. Excuse me, they're convicted criminals, tough.

Over two hundred convicted criminals have been moved from a prison in Veracruz on on the Gulf Cost and have been moved to other prisons so that Adrian Grunberg can start filming the Mel Gibson film.

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that media reports over the weekend say many inmates relatives were angry at the treatment and have been gathering outside the prisons to protest the relocation, angry that this will make visits more “difficult” and they may not be able to deliver the food and “other essential items” to the prisoners if they are relocated.

So? They are convicted criminals, guilty of crimes against other people. Were the families out protesting for the victims of the crimes? No they are protesting for the rights of people who have committed crimes against others, and therefore have had some of their rights taken away, like the right to be located in whichever local prison they would like. I wonder if the victims of their crimes have the same focus of attention or freedom of rights as these prisoners and families want?

Sometimes this world is a crazy, mixed up place.

Anyway the real news here is that Mel Gibson is about to start on his next project which will be filming in a wing of Ignacio Allende prison. The film is called How I Spent My Summer Vacation, a script that he wrote and a film that he will also star in.

It tells the story of a career criminal who is caught by Mexican authorities and placed in a notoriously tough Mexican prison and is struggling to survive – maybe they could get his family to shout about his rights - he's helped in some way by a nine year old boy. What he's doing in prison I have no idea.

There's not much else on the story as it's being kept under tighter wraps than the prisoners, but it'll certainly look amazing, and it sounds an interesting project for Gibson. I'm not sure about the man directing, he was a first assistant director on Edge of Darkness and Apocalypto, but I'm keen to see how it turns out. I do think Gibson is a superb talent in front of the camera, behind it, or with a pen in his hand.



As an avid reader of your reviews I was astounded at your remarks regarding prison inmates families (not convicted of any crime) and the problems THEY not the inmates have with the filming of the latest (pure as the driven snow) Mel Gibson effort ....but yah darling !! " What crime he has committed I have no idea" but darling it will look amazing yah darling ...you pompous over-inflated egotistical arse.

Nice intelligent retort.

However, for the small intelligent part you did inject in that comment and not the ridicule and name calling you lowered yourself to, you are right, it's not the families fault, I was purely thinking of those who had committed the crime, not of the visiting families.


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