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Gremlins 3 in 3D

Gremlins.jpgIt's no surprise considering the current run of resurrecting films and successful franchises from the past that the attention has turned back on Gremlins, after all it was an hilarious comedy and had some really clever scripted moments through the two films, but never a third film.

The word is that a third film is in early production, and it's not a conversion of an existing film, this is meant to be a true sequel to the series and will be film in 3D.

There's not many details in the rumour from “inside sources”, but what there is suggests that the studio are looking into the possibility of restarting the franchise with a third film and that it's 3D from the outset.

There's no director lined up yet so no idea if Joe Dante will be returning to the series, something I would love to see, so when the story breaks over at Market Saw through Cinema Blend with the excitement that “edgy family fun is on it's way back”, I feel my usual shield of “it's way too early” popping up.

Look, we don't yet know if we have a director or scriptwriter attached that are of the quality of the original, and in the original there were a lot of Hollywood references that were deemed rather edgy themselves, never mind the ones that pushed the censors. So if there isn't that talent involved to push it from the outset, we'll just end up with a teen friendly version of the Gremlins, you know, like neutered vampires or something similar.

You'll remember that the original film had the fluffy Mogwai creature set with some very clear rules, never expose him to sunlight, water, or feed him after midnight. Do either of these things and that's when the Gremlins appear.

Another fear? CGI. The original retains so much charm because of the puppetry involved, cover that with CGI and a lot of the beauty of the film is gone already. There's plenty to go wrong here, and I'm not even adding into the mix the possibility of everthing being forced to fly at the screen for 3D.

You know, this could be a disaster waiting to happen.



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