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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Clash of the Titans converted to 3D

ClashoftheTitans.jpgThe new Clash of the Titans can't be that good a film, not the way Warner Bros. are treating it. You'll remember that I wrote about how they were considering converting it to 3D and the studio were carrying out a few tests to see how it looked in 3D?

Well they think it looked great, and now we're going to be treated to the delights of a film specifically made for 2D, converted by a bunch of executives and a third party company into 3D. Brilliant. Stellar move.

How could it get worse? Well the new Harry Potter double bill for Deathly Hallows is also to be in 3D.

Of course, to be fair, we don't know. Maybe the conversion will be handled by Louis Leterrier and his team, and maybe they saw the film and decided it would look much better in 3D after all this time they've spent filming it in 2D.

Then again, maybe it was the executives looking at their spreadsheets and realising that 3D was earning money, as were straight up films, so why not add 3D to a 2D film, wouldn't that make more money? Oh please. Take them outside and shoot them.

The confirmation comes through The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision and Bloody Disgusting, and although we're still awaiting studio confirmation it seems that this is a done deal and the official word for Clash of the Titans will follow very soon.

Both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows isn't far behind according to the story, and frankly that wouldn't surprise me, the intended audience for Harry Potter is the right age group for 3D, probably the best demographic there is, and they probably won't mind whether it's been converted or if it's filmed in 3D from the beginning, no one will really care.

I think the bigger issue is when Harry Potter comes releases the full box set, what are they going to do? Have all the films in 2D and then when it comes to the last two Deathly Hallows films they have them in 3D? Probably not. 3D release in the cinema, with 2D screens to catch those that don't want to get involved and that's the version we'll see released on DVD and Blu-ray.

I don't know though, wouldn't they be better doing it in 2D and then going for a cinematic re-release of the entire franchise in converted 3D down the line? That'll make them more cash and allow the audience to see the entire franchise in the same format start to finish?



I'm hoping this is the boom in 3D as I really can't wait to see it end.


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