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Hideo Nakata announces next horror

HideoNakata.jpgSitting on Hideo Nakata's upcoming films are Chatroom and The Ring Three, both western productions. However on his in development list are two films I've been hoping to see for a very long time, Out and The Entity remake. Now both are going to be delayed even longer while he makes another horror, The Incite Mill.

The film will be somewhat of a Big Brother story about ten people who are hired for a job and end up being locked in an underground complex forced to play a murder game for some seven days.

It doesn't sound that interesting, the idea referencing a number of other films before, and it sounds like the film is built on a studio deal as well as the announcement from Variety reveals that the Asian talent company Horipro has signed the deal with Hideo Nakata to make the film for them and currently with eight of the ten cast signed from their own books, and the company is celebrating it's fiftieth anniversary.

It all seems rather contrived, but then at the same time the story is based on a bestseller by Honobu Yonezawa, and Hideo Nakata has signed to make the film, so maybe this deal is just very convenient?

The stars named so far are Tatsuya Fujiwara from Death Note: The Last Name, Haruka Ayase from Happy Flight, and Satomi Ishihara from No Longer Human.

The project sounds interesting enough, it's just I've been fixated on two others of his since they were announced back in September 2006, and last we heard from either project was back in 2007. Those two projects are Out and The Entity.

The original The Entity was supposedly based on a true story where a woman believed she was being repeatedly raped and tortured by an unseen physical force in her own home and enlisted a parapsychologist to investigate what was happening. It starred Barbara Hershey in the lead role.

Out is an adaptation of the excellent novel by Natsuo Kirino, you can read my own review of the novel on my own site. It's the award winning story of four female factory workers who make a pact after one of them kills her abusive husband. The story continues to escalate and is a tense and compelling story.

Both are films I would prefer to see Hideo Nakata making before everything else that is on his slate, they're both far more interesting stories, but then perhaps that's not where the money is. Mind you it surprises me that Hollywood aren't all over an Entity remake with Nakata.



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