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Hot Tub Time Machine red band trailer online

HotTubTimeMachine.jpgThe opening for the red band trailer for Hot Tub Machine tells us it's more of the same intelligent and witty American comedy, loads of swear words, unhealthy attitude against women, and sex presented in a cold, hard and loud string of swearing. Hilarious. Everything I love about American comedy. Let's through in some jokes about going to the toilet, more sex, and we'll have some typically hilarious moments. Sarcasm.

However it does recover itself well I think as it does start to get funnier, and the moments where it references it's own silliness for the whole idea are rather amusing.

You can see the trailer for the film below, looking at the history of the talent behind it you can see a pattern in some of their films, and the cast looks good with some strong comedy names in there, but it's John Cusack and Craig Robinson who seem to be the main draw here.

Have a look at the new, rude trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine and see what you think.



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