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Jonah Hex reshoots are big

JonahHex.jpgHere we are again, another film, another set of reshoots, but the reshoots on Jonah Hex are suggesting something a lot meatier than the commonly pounced upon ones on other films.

For now it seems that the principal actors are returning for a ten day shoot that will rework the story and action, and with the director being joined by Francis Lawrence who is currently consulting on the film.

There's no real indication of what's happening behind the scenes, and the official word will probably be that these are just effects shots, additional action sequences, anything if it detracts from the idea (true or false) that there is major work being undertaken to change the film.

Still, Heat Vision through JoBlo have the story that the studio are getting Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Megan Fox and Michael Fassbender back on board for ten days of reshooting. They state that no test screenings for Jonah Hex have taken place as yet but they have decided to work in twelve pages of additional script along with the reshoots.

The director, Jimmy Hayward, has Francis Lawrence beside him consulting on the remaining work, and he will no doubt be advising on the reshoots and the additional script to screen for the story about a Confederate general raising an army of the dead, and an ex-soldier turned bounty hunter who is hired to track him down and stop him.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, reshoots and rework on film happen all the time, we just don't often hear about it, and when news is light it's even better to get hold of something like this. However this does sound like more than your average reshoot. Ten days, principal actors and a director's consultant who is a much more experienced director, and probably the one they should have had from the beginning.



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