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Kick-Ass theatrical trailer

HitGirl-KickAss.jpgThe theatrical trailer for Kick-Ass is online, and at first I thought I might be a little disheartened because the shock value of these kids getting up to the serious kick-assery would be gone. Not so. In fact I like this trailer more.

I'm starting to think that Matthew Vaughn could well become the shining light of British film-making. After all he's making successful films, independently, and so far he's kicked ass in the rather different types of films he's tackled. After Kick-Ass I think I might just love the man.

Here's the new trailer for the film which features teenagers who decide that they can be superheroes, even without powers, and that they have to stand up and do something about the injustices around them. One rises, called Kick-Ass, and as he becomes popular so do others come forward, including Hit Girl and her trainer and partner father, Big Daddy.

Mark Millar is a genius for writing this and Matthew Vaughn looks set to do him proud with an excellent adaptation via his own hand, and that of the flame haired Jane Goldman.

Mark Strong, Nicolas Cage, (and yes it should be that way round in my eyes), Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse make up the leads of Kick-Ass. Exciting stuff.

You can see the trailer right here or head over to Yahoo to see it in high definition.



This looks really good and rather funny.


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