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Linda Lovelace biographical film

Lovelace.jpgWe've heard of a Linda Lovelace biographical film before, and the word was that Anna Faris was the one to take the lead, and she was happy to take the lead, excited in fact, and it was good for her. However she pulled out of the film and where is she now? Who cares, for today there's news about the biographical film and where it's going.

Linda Lovelace, the star of the iconic adult film Deep Throat, and subsequent anti-pornographer activist, is to have her life turned into a film and it has picked up two directors to lead the film.

Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman are the two men set to direct the film, just the second time out as directors after Howl which is about to première at Sundance, a film that they wrote and directed.

The film was written by W. Merritt Johnson and uses Eric Danville's biographical novel The Complete Linda Lovelace and, according to Variety, follows the story of her rise to fame as one of the biggest adult film stars of all time, appearing in Deep Throat in 1972 and following her life as she turned into an anti-pornography activist and changed her name to Linda Marchiano.

It seems that the film is going to be looking at her life through the eyes of three interviewers who look at various stages of her life. Now I like that aspect, that the film is going to be split into three different sections, perhaps separating the different aspects of her life and looking at them with the different interviewers.

What they could so easily do is turn the film into a complete anti-pornography film, or a pro-pornography, or make the film turn into any sort of single message preaching story. What this suggests is that we're not going to see that, perhaps each section of the film will concentrate on a distinct section of her life, with an interviewer who has no agenda for anyone or anything leading each section.

I'm just surmising, but it does sound a nice way to handle the film. We'll see what the directors have in store for us.

There's no other news that we get to hear about Lovelace, nothing on any star, nor on the direction of the film. It's not the same film that Anna Faris had been connected with in the past though, well not so far as I can see, that was called Inferno.

Still, this film sounds interesting on its own and has great potential for telling Linda Lovelace's complete story and not making pre-judgements either side of the pornography fence, after all the story is about her.



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