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Lucas adopting Avatar for Star Wars

GeorgeLucas.jpgThere's been a lot of talk from George Lucas a few years ago about updating the Star Wars film series to 3D and then re-releasing them, but at the time it seemed that the technology just wasn't working well enough and the idea went on hold, not stopped though, just on hold.

So when Lucas saw Avatar (Filmstalker review) it seems his spirits were lifted again and the idea of a new version of the franchise popped into his head again. Maybe 3D was viable after all? Maybe we'll see a new version of Star Wars released after all?

George Lucas was cornered on the Golden Globes red carpet and was asked all the usual questions about the franchise, but with the latest twist, what effect could all the new technology and processes that Avatar have brought into contention have on the idea of Star Wars in 3D? It seems a lot.

AccessHollywood through /Film have the story and reveal that he really liked the film and what James Cameron achieved with it. What surprised me most is that he says he's not really a fan of 3D, so if that's the case why did he start looking into it in 2008 to adapt his beloved franchise into the format he doesn't like? I'll refrain from the obvious point.

George Lucas then hinted that perhaps now they'll look at the technology developed for Avatar and turn it towards the Star Wars trilogies. Good time to do it, but is it the right idea?

Well I think the real problem is what else he's going to do with the films at the same time. A 3D conversion would be pretty great and could well warrant a cinematic release and the audiences spending more money, but I just get the feeling that Lucas wouldn't stop there.

When he found the CGI to develop the latest three films, he turned that back on the original trilogy to change and add bits and pieces where it really wasn't needed, although a few tweaks here and there were welcomed, the story and scene changes weren't.

So with the film in 3D will Lucas be able to resist the temptation to alter lots more scenes from all of the films to ensure more is flying towards the camera and that there are multi levels of depth in every shot? I don't think he will, and he'll invest more time and money in changing scenes to exploit the 3D better than they do now, and Star Wars will change once again.

Whatever you think of George Lucas and the idea of re-releasing content to make more money there has to be a question about whether or not there should be any additional tinkering involved in a 3D Star Wars. Sure conversion to 3D would be good, but what's the point in changing anything else?



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