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Lucasfilm producing CGI fairy musical

GeorgeLucas.jpgCalm down, we're not about to see a Star Wars musical, and George Lucas is producing, not directing or writing, something that seems to be driving the story, placing the director and writer way down in the story.

Kevin Munroe is directing the CGI musical from a script by David Berenbaum, and the plot is being held under wraps and not being revealed.

Lucasfilm is producing, and that's where the George Lucas lead of the story comes from, but really the people who are going to create the film are the writer and director. David Berenbaum wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles and Elf, while Kevin Munroe previously wrote and directed the CGI TMNT.

So we have children's fantasy, comedy and CGI all covered here, as well as the technical expertise of Lucasfilm, so I wonder what the musical will be about?

It would be hilarious if it really was about Star Wars, that would knock my socks off, however let's be real, it won't be. In fact The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision have one small snippet of information, the script features fairies.

Okay. You've lost me now.



The best possible outcome: It's a musical adaption of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream (or something to do with Renaissance.)

The worst possible outcome: It's a cheap knock-off of the Disney fairy franchise, with unmemorable characters and bad animation.

Well put Ken. I'm scared for the latter.


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