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Malkovich confirms Vulture in Spider-Man 4

JohnMalkovich.jpgThe rumours have been confirmed, by the very man himself, however it all hinges on that comes out of the script wrangling between the studio and Sam Raimi that we've heard is ongoing.

However if it comes out on Raimi's side, and I believe it will, we'll see John Malkovich pitch up as the Vulture, and he even tells us that himself.

Right now Alvin Sargent is writing a new version of the script for Spider-Man 4, something we've heard was associated with the studio and Sam Raimi not seeing eye to eye on the villains and the direction of the story, and that makes me think of the problems that put a blot on Spider-Man 3, but let's put that aside.

Raimi's version was to focus solely on the villain the Vulture, and to play that character we've heard the name John Malkovich banded around, along with a number of other actors for a number of other villains who sounded equally implausible.

Not so implausible it would seem according to John Malkovich himself as he talked on an Italian television show called Quelli che il calcio which was caught through Badtaste.it and ComickBookMovie.

Using Google's translation from Italian, it seems that someone saw the show and wrote into the website to tell them what Malkovich said, and he confirmed that he would be playing the part of the Vulture and that he is awaiting final script approval.

Well, it looks like that. I'd prefer it if someone who knew Italian could translate it, but it does look like Malkovich is playing Vulture in Spider-Man 4, unless the rewrite knocks the bad guy entirely out of the story.

I still find the idea of Vulture a bit of a stretch from the technology driven bad guys in the series so far, but I'm sure Raimi will make it work, if he gets the chance, don't you?

As an aside, Variety is reporting that Malkovich has also joined the thriller Red, replacing John C. Reilly and starring alongside Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman. I wonder if someone realised that he was too much of a comic actor compared to the mainly serious acting cast, okay Willis aside!



Malkovich is a really good actor and personally I find him quite creepy so I think he has been cast well. I liked what you said about the technology driven previous installments because they worked really well for me so this will be interesting to see. I think the alien aspect of the third film kind of jolted it off course from the first two.

Thanks Billy. I really do find it hard to work out how this character fits in with the rest, like I said he doesn't seem to gel well with the ones that have either been technology created or use technology themselves. They've all been caused by real world science, and despite the costumes and names, they've seemed somewhat plausible choices.

A vulture though? I just don't get it. Not yet.

I really don't see why you guys seem to believe he is such a departure from the other villains of previous movies.

Everything the Vulture does supernatural is related to his harness which, in the Spider-Man universe, is the equivalent to something like Doc Oc's Tentacles or the Goblin's suit and hover board.

He wasn't born with wings, unless I missed some press release or interview stating it had been altered for the movie.

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